Tools to chart each child's development

I document the learning and development of each child under the age of  5 by following and implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guide lines.  I use a Tracker Book to chart this (one for each child in the early years).  I also provide a daily diary for under 1 year olds.  Each child will have a folder containing observations, learning journey, planning and next steps, examples of art work etc, and photographs showing each child participating in various educational and fun activities.

The four themes of the EYFS are


My work as a childminder follows the EYFS and also uses the Every Child Matters agenda that recognises that the years from birth to five years sees the greatest growth and learning for all children who all deserve:

  • Good health 
  • To be happy 
  • To feel safe 
  • To enjoy and achieve 
  • To make a positive contribution to the world around them 
  • To be successful

It is a statutory requirement that all children in the early years age group, age 0 to 5 have their learning and development recorded.  I personally use TRACKER BOOKS, 1 for each child, as this book tracks children's development through the early years foundation stage.  my aim is to help each child in my care to develop as a unique individual who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable and confident.

  • To become strong and independent through positive relationships with others.
  • To develop, play and learn in enabling environments in each child's own time.

From September 2012 I am required to meet the standards set out in the EYFS. by observing and monitoring each child's development and to plan challenging and enjoyable experiences in all areas of learning and development.

I have a wide range of toys and resources suitable from birth to 10 years old. These include many baby toys and musical activities, C.Ds, DVDs, chunky books, puzzles, building blocks, cuddly toys etc.

  • Toddlers have Leap Pad learning books, VTech computer, jigsaws, books and games.
  • I also have build your own toys including dinosaur and robot.
  • Garage and cars.
  • Sit 'n' rides, rocking horse, dolls with prams buggies, high chair etc,
  • A large kitchen area in the playroom complete with cooking utensils, microwave, toaster,pans, food, kettle, tea set etc.
  • Outdoor play equipment including bouncy castle and paddling pool, sand pit, play house, slides,tents/tunnel, big and small trampoline, slides, trikes, rocker etc.

I have a brand new double buggy, tatty teddy single stroller, high chair, Hauck play pen, and various baby chairs. I attend local playgroup, children's centre, library for story time and holiday activities, local parks for picnics etc.

Some of the activities we undertake are baking, and decorating cakes and biscuits, pizza making,  dressing up, role play, a wide range of musical toys, playdoh with modeling tools, modeling clay, air dry plaster casting, and painting, where the children cast butterflies, flowers etc, then paint and decorate them with glitter etc.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day cards and home made gifts, valentines cards, halloween, bonfire night and xmas activities.

For older children:

  • I teach them basic First Aid, road safety, and safety in the home.
  • A 3D T.V. where the older children watching movies, nature programmes etc.
  • Games days during the school holidays, and play games such as bingo (with pictures for younger children, and number bingo for older children)
  • Board games, memory games, and educational games.

I have also recently joined an online website called THE SCHOOL RUN, where I can now download educational worksheet tailor made for each child to help with areas of learning, or just simply as fun and educational activities.

The older children also put on shows and  for me and the younger children to watch.  Such as X Factor (we have the buzzer!!)  dancing and dance-off competitions, making up and performing plays, singing, and karaoke.

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